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  • I've purchased my tea, how do I brew it?"
    One teaspoon of tea per eight ounces of water will brew up the perfect cup of hot tea. Place the tea inside of a disposable tea bag or infuser and sit it in your cup for the recommended steeping time.
  • How should I prepare iced tea?
    We're glad you asked! To prepare iced tea by the gallon is simple as it sounds. 1. Bring one half gallon of water to boil 2. Steep 1-1.5 ounces of loose leaf tea for recommended steeping time 3. Strain tea 4.Sweetened to taste 5. ADD ICE TO GET YOUR OTHER HALF A GALLON
  • Where are you located?
    You've found Us! We are tucked away approximately eight miles from downtown Athens, Georgia. Currently we are only operating online and at local farmers markets and craft shows around Athens and Lilburn. Join our Facebook MEplusTEA Community to stay posted on all our events and online specials.
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