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Calling All Women of God Who May Be Struggling In Their Faith

Join us as we build spiritual toolkits,
learn about the power of anointing, prayer and deliverance to strengthen us where we need it the most. 

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SpiritualiTEA embodies the mental and spiritual wellbeing of womanhood through tea chats and cultural traditions.

What began as Precious' personal mission to be her sister's keeper has grown into her ministry.

Loose leaf tea has held the secrets of life for ages. At SpiritualiTEA, loose leaf tea is the center of heart felt conversations among woman from all backgrounds and walks of life.  


Precious' believes we are all created by God to serve a higher purpose. As we journey through life, it is our responsibility to encourage and assist others as they overcome battles we have conquered.  


Although, religion does not play a huge part in Precious' relationship with her creator, she strives to create a safe space to share love, light and wisdom.

We Welcome You!

We are all struggling with something! Lets get through it TOGETHER!


JANUARY 7, 2023
3PM - 8PM

Come prepared to get closer to God & yourself! Enjoy an evening of fellowshipping. Sponsored by Rural Women In Action, MEplusTEA, Flock & Blessed by Faith Ministries 

Tickets on sale now

Dinner | Hot Tea Bar
Spiritual Journaling
Intentional Prayer & Release Ceremony
Interactive Presentations:
Anointing, Prayer & Deliverance
Campfire & Ringshout

All Inclusive (including Park Parking)

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