Sis, Let It Go!

Tea Recommendation for Teachat: Peace and Love


2020 has thrown curve balls Hank Aaron couldn't hit. Month after month we are forced to adjust to a new 'norm'. It feels as if every time we think we have a plan and solution life thumps us on the forehead and makes us redirect.

Ask yourself, Is re-direction really a bad thing? Let's shine light on the positive. This year we've spent more time with our families, we've taken advantage of the opportunity to focus on the business we've always wanted to start and most importantly, we've come together as a community and supported one another more than ever. With everything that's going on around us, we can't lose sight of the simple but important things life gives us daily. Yes, here lately life has been a bag of nails for lunch! And it can't be sugar coated. If you are feeling like life has you by the jugular, you are not alone. Pull away from it all and catch a breath. Take time to ask yourself questions. What is important to me? What can I live without? Is this really worth stressing over? My favorite, Will this even matter in a week? There is a shift happening in the atmosphere. Life as we know it is changing. How can we align ourselves to change with this shift without losing our minds?

We let it GO!

Some things in life we will never understand. Some things happen and we have no explanation and we aren't given a reason. Letting go and believing in something larger than yourself helps ease the tension of the unknown. Whether you believe in the Almighty Creator, the universe or Stars and Stripes, now is the time to trust your inner being. Drink a cup of tea (oh, you thought I was going to blog without mentioning, ask yourself the hard questions and embrace who you and the world are becoming.

Precious' Words of Wisdom:

Focusing on the positive is only a small part of the equation. If you are struggling with depression and/or mental instability, PLEASE reach out for help. It's okay to talk to a therapist. Therapy is one of the best investments in myself I think I've ever made. Life can be tough but we don't have to journey through it alone.

Be Blessed!

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